Sunday, July 25, 2010


Centrifuge : This machine is used in medical laboratories to separate blood components from each other The operating principle is the centrifugal force that makes the molecules more intensive weight At the bottom of the tube and then at least, and so on ... Contains the electric motor spins at high speed and can be controlled Bsrath as needed. Operating principle of the device: Is the rotation which helps to mixing of materials or isolated by centrifugation Is piece by Almattur which spins at speeds of 2000 to 3000 rpm and supports circulation to the time specified by the operator by hand Sweig (Altaymr) which revolves Almattur Bsra depending on the time allowed by the Suwaij and starts at half a minute and ends with ten minutes 0 when rotation of the mask is a combination of any separation materials according to density device works Bvoltaiat 220 V --- 50 HZ or 110V --- 60 HZ There are many types of devices, there are modern devices Electronic (Digital) touch screen devices and there are regular The faults are common in these devices is the failure Almattur or specifically blocks carbonate (Alvhamat) or break the custodial or broken tube holder and this lack of what is happening

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