Friday, July 2, 2010

Finnigan AQA single quadrupole mass spectrometer

Thermo Electron/Finnigan - Finnigan AQA single quadrupole mass spectrometer detector for coupling with Dionex HPLC and high performance IC systems, for the first ever IC/MS capabilities. The AQA is capable of switch-able dual atmospheric pressure ionization sources. Electrospray ionisation and atmospheric chemical ionisation are available for LC and IC applications. IC/MS System comes with Dionex IC25 Pump and Conductivity Module, Dionex LC30 Chromatography Oven, and Dionex AS50 Autosampler. Xcalibur Computer data system included on new computer and flat screen monitor. System can be utilized for IC/MS or Standard IC operations. System is Refurbished, Tested, and Sold with a Full Six-Month Warranty

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